Top Themes for Online Casino Slots

You may visit online casinos to play the traditional table games, like blackjack, roulette, or baccarat. You may even prefer to hit the live casino sections to get the most realistic casino experience possible. But there is also a very good chance that at some point you will be tempted by the allure of the slots.

This quick-fire casino experience can offer intense highs and lows, but time spent in this section is always enjoyable. One of the reasons for that is that the slots developers put a lot of thought into creating the best games possible. Invariably that means using one of the popular slots themes.

Many of the new online betting sites combine a sportsbook with an online casino gaming section and this has seen a surge in popularity for slots games too. If you are new to playing the slots you might just think that it is just spinning the reels. But a good slots theme – alongside an engaging storyline – will always attract more players than a simple fruit machine.

The Importance of Themes

Indeed, the theme of a slot machine game is ultimately not important. It won’t have any bearing on the outcome of the game and will not tend to even point you in the direction of how to play. But that is a little like saying that all food types have the same basic effect and there is no need to vary your diet.

In the end what kind of theme you enjoy is purely subjective. It may even be down to what you like outside of casino gaming. The one thing that is guaranteed is that you will never be short of choice. Game developers may come back to familiar themes repeatedly – as you will see in a moment – but there will always be something new to try out.

Mythology Slots

This theme is one of the most popular when it comes to slots – and definitely one that lends itself to dramatic backdrops and graphics. Although there is no real story to follow, the mythology and legends of the past provide an excellent backdrop to some exciting gaming.

Egyptian mythology and stories of pharaohs, pyramids and tombs are very common. But you will be able to find Aztec, Ancient Greece, and even Chinese myths that have been co-opted into games. If you think about all the TV shows and films that use this genre, you will instantly recognize the scope available.

Action Adventure Slots

These kinds of games can sometimes include ones with mythology elements, but maybe not always with such a fictional storyline. Comparing slots with movies again, think of daring quests and tasks being taken on by heroes and heroines. Obviously, these kinds of stories also work very well with slots.

Pirate, jungle and wild west storylines fall easily into this category. You will regularly see slots games featuring adventures on the high seas, or in remote jungles, where you will need to navigate a perilous journey in order to be successful. These themes also lend themselves very easily to cartoonish characters, which are also always very popular.

Pop Culture Slots

These types of slots can sometimes be the most popular in the casino thanks to the pop culture references and developers using a modern film, TV show, or even a song, as the basis for the game. Classic titles can also be used to great effect, with nostalgia a huge draw across the genre.

Many iconic characters are used time and time again in film, such as Batman and Spider-Man, and this allows updates to games as well. Obviously when a copyrighted character or film is used, there will have to be some kind of tie-in deal with the film studio or TV company. So graphics and good likenesses are key.

Special Occasion Slots

Although special occasions may only come around once a year, games developers have been quick to pick up on how popular a slots title will be at any time. Christmas and Easter are obvious examples, while Halloween has even greater potential for innovative characters and storylines.

Any special occasion already comes with its own symbols, so it is very easy to market a slots game within the theme. The other good thing about these kinds of lots, as far as the developers go, is that there is very likely to be a surge in usage when the actual event comes around.

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Luck o’ the Irish Slots

Our final major slots theme is one that you will see in every online casino. It could be argued that Irish-themed games could fall into the mythology section. But there are just so many games that use Irish iconography and storylines that we thought it deserved its own section.

Leprechauns, rainbows, harps and pots of gold are all regularly used with these kinds of games. Add to that some generic jaunty Irish music and the games almost make themselves.

Why Themes are So Popular

Although we have mentioned some of the more popular themes, the options are virtually limitless. We could break down the major ones even further into sub-genres but the ones here cover most slots games. As we said earlier, the theme will not actually have any real effect on the game – but it does surround the whole experience in something greater.

Players will tend to be drawn to particular themes but the games behind them are generally very similar. The importance of the theme is really the marketing of the games themselves done by providing free spins on slots. Classic one-armed bandits have their own charm but modern gamers like to have something more for their money. A good theme cannot immediately guarantee an excellent experience. But a bad theme – or no theme at all – can definitely have an effect on how much the game is played.

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