Strategies to Win at Live Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher is a captivating game of luck in any live dealer casino. The game is straightforward, with no complicated rules or required skills. This is a “test-your-luck” type of game. However, it has a pretty good RTP level, which varies between 90.56% to 90.58%.

Although you don’t need to learn much to gamble on Live Dream Catcher, there are several simple strategies that will help you increase your chances. 

Safe but Slow

The idea of the strategy is to place bets only on segments 1 and 2. The winnings in the short run may seem too low. However, think about the probability of winning. 

Basically, wagering on those spaces, you cover 70.4% of the wheel, which grants you a win every two out of three spins. Besides, do not forget that multipliers can significantly enlarge your payout. Although if you bet, for example, $10, the best-case scenario means receiving a maximum of $140 in two spins, including x7 multiplayer and segment 2, you can see that patient players will definitely get their awards here. 

The Mushrooming

This strategy involves betting exclusively on 5, 10, 20 and 40 segments. Now you may ask, “What’s the point?” The answer is pretty straightforward, as the strategy is based on simple logic.

Firstly, placing your bets this way will allow you to cover the highest possible payouts. And secondly, using this strategy, you count on multipliers x2 and x7. Let’s make a quick evaluation.

Imagine you place your wagers on 5, 10, 20 and 40, which takes around 26% of the wheel’s segments, for example on 3-reels slot machines. This means that you will only be a winner in every fourth spin. That doesn’t seem too appealing. But think about multipliers. Once in a while, you’ll stumble upon either x2 or x7. This is where the best part begins. Let’s say your bet was $5. If the next spin, after the multiplier, the wheel stops at segment 10, instead of $50, you get $100 or $350. If it stops at 40 – $80 or $280. Pretty good, isn’t it?

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The “All or Nothing” Strategy

As a disclaimer, I should mention that the following strategy is certainly the riskiest. Here, your aim is to bet on the highest spaces — 20 and 40. 

This strategy does not give you even the slightest guarantee to win in the first 10 or even 20 spins. However, if you are very lucky today, placing bets based on this strategy can give you a maximum of $2800 win in case of getting x7 multiplier and segment 40. Obviously, there is an extremely small chance of getting multipliers several times in a row, but let’s be realistic and not expect such a big miracle.

Additional Tips 

  1. What can help you increase the odds in Live Dream Catcher is combining the strategies. 
  2. What can make gambling safer for you is placing small bets. Do not risk placing more than you can afford in case of losing. 
  3. What can help you lose less money is gambling in cashback casinos. Cashback casinos usually offer gamblers between 5% and 10% of their loss. 

To conclude, it’s worth admitting that gambling on Live Dream Catcher is a good entertainment option, as it doesn’t require much thinking. Even though gambling allows you to have fun, you shouldn’t get too relaxed and always remember about responsible gaming.


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