How Casinos Cheat At Roulette?

Biased Wheel

A biased wheel is one of the most popular ways for cheating at roulette. Casinos are usually the ones who are involved in this cheating method so they’ll be able to manipulate how the roulette game progresses.

  • A biased wheel has a mechanical defect which results in a patterned outcome.
  • It’s usually the result of a glitch in the manufacturing process.
  • These are some of the possible defects: rotor wobble, pocket wear, roulette bowl incline, defective ball track, and other physical damages.


This method involves padding the ball to influence the outcome of the roulette wheel.

  • The manufacturers of the roulette’s equipment are usually the ones who can do this.
  • They will alter the amount of materials used for the equipment in order to manipulate the outcome of the roulette wheel.

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Major Cheat: Magnets in Roulette Wheels

Putting magnets in roulette wheels is a major cheat in roulette. This rarely happens especially in authorized casinos, but this elaborate cheat does exist.

  • Usually done by casinos which are operating outside the law since casinos caught using this cheating method will automatically lose their gambling licenses and might even be charged with a hefty fine.
  • Roulette wheels with magnets are usually purchased from China and have a distinct design and appearance.

How Roulette Wheels With Magnets Work

This is how roulette wheels with magnets work:

  • Each pocket has an electromagnetic magnet beneath its surface.
  • The ball is magnetized and its north magnetic pole is pointing outwards.
  • This will allow the casino to modify the magnet so that the ball will never land on a particular outcome.
  • The electromagnetic magnet beneath the zero pocket will be activated with the North Pole magnet to prevent the ball from landing on zero. This will prevent players from winning big in the roulette game.

How to Find Out if a Casino Uses Magnets

It’s hard to know if a particular casino is using a roulette wheel with magnets. However, it can be detected if:

  • The spins have been suspicious for quite a long time
  • Can also be detected if the ball does anything odd
  • Observing a number of spins will determine if the roulette wheel being used by the casino is quite suspicious

Live Online Roulette Games

There are more instances of cheating at roulette in online casinos than in traditional casino rooms.

  • One common cheating method of online casinos is showing video footages of the roulette wheel that are not live at all.
  • Usually, the taped video will buffer towards the end. This will make the player think that it’s just a connection problem when in fact; it’s the exact time when the video tape will switch to the live version.
  • Interestingly though, there have been instances when the same roulette wheel footage was played in different casinos. The process looks the same but the outcomes are different.


The following can be concluded regarding how casinos cheat at roulette games:

  • Cheating in roulette games are common not just in unauthorized and shady casinos, but in prestigious and respectable ones, too.
  • Casinos are more likely to use a roulette wheel with magnets in VIP rooms where the stakes are much higher than in average roulette tables.
  • However, it must be noted that players are more likely to cheat at roulette games than the casino itself.
  • When doubtful, the player must trust his instincts because suspicious roulette games become quite obvious after observing a number of spins.
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