History of casinos including Timeline

Casinos are everywhere–online, stores, kiosks, and VIP rooms. A lot of people are curious about how casinos actually started. Unfortunately, the sole origin of casinos is still unknown. There’s actually an ongoing debate on who actually created casinos. People started gambling way back in 2300 B.C. and a little bit of casinos’ history was traced.

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Earliest Gambling in 2300 B.C.

The earliest evidence of gambling was believed to have occurred in 2300 B.C. The first concrete proof was tiles from Ancient China. These objects were believed to be used for games of chance. The use of lotteries and keno slips was also discovered to have occurred during this time.

Gambling in c.500 B.C.

The idea of using dice for games of was first introduced during this particular time. It was in Rome where dice were first used. However, using dice to gamble was penalized later so people had to resort to other means of gambling. However, a brilliant Roman came up with the idea of using chips instead for gambling.

Gambling in c.800 A.D.

This is the period when the first playing cards were created and used in China. These first cards were used for both trading and gambling.

Gambling During the 1400s

During this period, Baccarat was first created and introduced in Italy and France. It was a two-player card version of the game and it’s a lot different from the popular Baccarat game today.

Gambling During the Early 1600s

In 1601, the first ever Baccarat game was created and played. It was said that the creation of Baccarat was inspired from Ventiuna, which is a Spanish game.

The Birth of Casinos in 1638

The first casinos started to be built during this era. Italy was one of the first countries to ever create and operate a casino. It was called the Ridotto and was established in Venice, Italy.


Roulette was invented and first used during this period. It was first discovered in Paris. The first roulette is just the same as what is called the ‘American Roulette’ today. The European version of the game came out after 50 years.


Poker was created and played for the first time during this period. This game was inspired by a French game which is often called Poque. Poker comes in a lot of variations and gameplays today. It started getting popular in New Orleans during the year 1829. Joseph Crowell was the one who discovered about this popular game in the neighborhood.


The first slot machines were created during this era. New York’s MessrsSittman and Pitt were the ones who developed and programmed the game. They discovered that it was an ideal way to gamble since winnings are well-regulated.


During this year, the President announced a nationwide gambling prohibition. But it got lifted around 1930.


Online casinos were discovered and created in 1994. Up to now, developers have been constantly trying to make online casinos more accessible for everyone.

The State of Gambling in 2018

The future of online casinos definitely looks bright. This year, a lot of developers were able to create their very own mobile versions or applications which make it accessible for every gambler around the world.

How Las Vegas Came to Be

Las Vegas is the casino capital in the whole world. It’s pretty interesting how it became the powerhouse of gambling when the first casinos actually originated from Europe. Everything started in 1905 when a railroad was being built to connect the city to the pacific coastline. The workers resorted to gambling and drinking to unwind after a long day’s work. Because of this, gambling became an illegal activity from 1910 to 1931. However, during this period, gambling was still thriving in the underground community. It was in 1941 when the first ever dancing and singing resort was built which went by the name El Rancho Vegas. Aside from a swimming pool, this resort also has a casino area. The first ever casino in Las Vegas had a craps table, two Blackjacks table, a roulette wheel, and around 70 slot machines. It had the first ever impact on Las Vegas gambling.