Will casinos accept expired ID?

Can a person enter a casino even with an expired ID?

Unless the player is under 29 years old which is the standard carding range, there’s actually no need to worry. When going inside a casino establishment, security staff wouldn’t ask for an ID unless the person looks suspiciously young to be seen at a casino. But when it comes to claiming prizes and winnings, the lack of a valid ID could be a serious problem.

General Policies of Casinos

If a person’s winnings exceed the minimum amount of $1,200, he’ll be required to present a valid ID before he can claim his winnings. This is a common policy of casinos for tax purposes. If a person’s winning is large enough to be taxed, then a valid ID must be presented. For tax purposes, the casino might also ask for the player’s tax identification or social security purposes. But the player will have the option to skip the particular requirement. However, if he chooses not to give the additional required details, the player’s winnings will be withheld.

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Types of IDs Accepted at Casinos

For local players, here are several types of IDs that the majority of casinos will usually accept:

  • Official Passport (but a plastic passport card will usually suffice)
  • Driver’s License (Instruction Permit or ID Card (provided that it’s issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory, District of Columbia, or any Canadian province)
  • S. Armed Forces ID Card (Encrypted Signature can be accepted
  • Merchant Marine ID Card (provided that it’s issued by the U.S. Coast Guard)
  • Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card

Since the Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card comes in different forms, these are the ones that are usually accepted:

  • Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation
  • Kalispel Tribe
  • Lummi Nation
  • Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
  • Nez Perce Tribe
  • Nisqually Indian Tribe
  • Nooksack Indian Tribe
  • Puyallup Tribe of Indians
  • Spokane Tribe
  • Skokomish Tribe
  • Stillaguamish Tribe
  • Suquamish Tribe
  • Snoqualmie Tribe
  • The Tulalip Tribes

However, international players have fewer options. Only the following IDs will be accepted for international players:

  • Valid Passport
  • Government-issued Driver’s License

If the authenticity of the ID presented by the casino player seems suspicious, then casinos have every right to ask for a secondary form of identification to further prove the player’s identity. However, some may wonder how to get into casino without ID.

ID Requirements

For an ID to be accepted at majority of casinos, it should have the following:

  • Date of Birth of the Bearer
  • The Signature of the Bearer (except for U.S. Military I.D.)
  • A Photograph of the Bearer

It must be noted that the bearer’s birth date should indicate that the player is of legal age. The legal age for playing at casinos depends on the laws of a country, city, or state. However, majority of casino establishments will only allow players to enter the premises if they are at least 21 years old.

Available Options for Expired IDs

If a casino player’s ID is unfortunately expired already, there’s another way for him to secure his winnings. What most casinos usually do is take a photograph of the winner, hold the winnings in the cashier’s cage, and wait for the player to produce a valid form of identification.

How to Successfully Play and Win at Casinos Even Without a Valid ID

Now, there’s no single solution to this dilemma. But, there are several ways for the player to prepare himself. First, he must do a thorough research on the different policies of nearby casinos. He must try his luck at casinos with lighter rules and policies. Then, he must apply for a renewal of his expired ID as soon as possible. If he can attach a proof of a processed renewal to his expired ID, then he’ll increase his chances of being allowed entry at casino establishments.

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