Win Big with 3-Balls Betting: Make More Money for Golf Fans in the US!

If you’re a golf fan in the US, then you’ve probably heard of 3-Balls betting. This unique form of sports betting provides golf fans with exciting opportunities to bet on the outcome of PGA Tour and European Tour tournaments. With 3-Balls betting, you’re able to pick the winner of a round before it starts. That means you can bet on a golfer to win a hole or an entire tournament without having to wait for the result.

What Is 3-Balls Betting?

3-Balls betting is a type of wagering on golf betting where you place a bet on the winner of the individual round or tournament. This type of betting has become one of the most popular sports betting available to golf fans in the United States. It provides opportunities to capitalize on individual achievements or from simply betting on your favorite golfer in every round or tournament.

How Does 3-Balls Betting Work?

The premise of 3-Balls betting is simple. An individual round, such as a hole or certain tournament, is established. Bettors are then invited to pick one golfer to win the designated round or tournament before it officially starts.

Once all wagers have been collected, the designated round or tournament begins. At the conclusion, if the golfer you selected wins, you will be paid out based on the amount you bet, minus any house fees and/or other discounts.

The Benefits of 3-Balls Betting for US Golf Fans

There are several reasons why 3-Balls betting has become so popular among US golf fans. Below, we’ve outlined the top benefits of 3-Balls betting:

  • Quick Payouts.Unlike regular wagers, 3-Balls betting provides quick payouts as soon as the designated round or tournament ends, regardless of the amount bet.
  • More Options. 3-Balls betting offers a wider range of betting options. From picking the winner of a hole to the the tournament winner, you can bet on virtually any outcome.
  • Simpler Than Parlays. Parlays involve betting on multiple outcomes and can be complicated for some. 3-Balls betting simplifies the process, giving golf fans an easier way to bet.
  • Caters to Casual Fans. 3-Balls betting allows you to pick a golfer to win the designated round or tournament without analyzing the entire field. This makes it an ideal option for casual fans who don’t have a lot of time to research statistics or odds.

Where to Find the Best 3-Balls Betting in the US

If you’d like to experience the thrill of 3-Balls betting in the US, you’ll need to find a reputable betting site. To give you a head start, we’ve put together a list of the top 3-Balls betting sites in the US:

  • Bovada. This leading sportsbook features competitive lines and wagering options on PGA Tour, European Tour, and LPGA events.
  • MyBookie. MyBookie offers an unparalleled selection of PGA Tour, European Tour, and LPGA betting lines, as well as generous bonus offers.
  • BetNow. This rising sportsbook has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for 3-Balls betting, offering a wide selection of tournaments, odds, and wagering options.


For golf fans in the US, 3-Balls betting offers an exciting and unique opportunity to win big. With the numerous benefits, it’s no surprise that it has become one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the US. Now, before you take advantage of all that 3-Balls betting has to offer, make sure to do your research and find the best betting site for you. Good luck!

What are the benefits of 3-balls betting for golf fans in the US?

1. Easier to Follow: With just three balls at play, it makes the game easier to follow, even for beginners. One can easily keep up with the leader without needing to know the scores of all the other players.

2. Increased Odds: Each ball carries an independent line and odd for bettors to select from, giving them a greater range of betting options.

3. Quicker Result: With fewer balls on the course, the round will generally last shorter and bettors can get a quicker outcome from their wager.

4. Lower Risk: Since the most a bettor can wager is on one ball at a time, they limit the amount of risk they take on the round. At the same time, the potential winnings are still there since the odds are usually quite decent.

What bonus bets are available in 3-ball golf betting?

Common bonus bets in 3-ball golf betting include Group Winner, Head-to-Head Matchups, Lowest Round/Individual 18-Hole Score and Hole-in-One bets.

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