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The strategic plan will be assessed at our annual faculty/staff retreat each fall semester and updated as needed. The Classic and CDHP plans share the same large network that includes providers both nationwide and worldwide. 3. Check the FAQ section and Request an Appointment section below for more information. The Benefits Office supports UW employees with a variety of health plan options, generous retirement plans, life insurance and long-term disability coverage, and more. Dean Hilary Godwin has appointed the following members to the SPH Strategic Planning Committee: Jared Baeten (Chair), vice dean for strategy, faculty affairs and new initiatives (SPH alum)Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, associate professor, epidemiology (SPH alum)Alison Fohner, assistant professor, epidemiology (SPH alum)Amanda Phipps, associate chair and associate professor, epidemiology (SPH alum)Charles Stevens, SPH dean’s advisory boardEmily Allen, program manager, STARTEsi Nkyekyer, clinical assistant professor, environmental & occupational health sciences (SPH alum)Helena Archer, MPH student, epidemiologyIndia Ornelas, associate professor, health services (SPH alum)Jennifer Nelson, senior investigator and director of biostatistics, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute (SPH alum)Jo Gallaugher, director of business and management strategy, health servicesJon Wakefield, professor, biostatisticsJoseph Babigumira, associate professor, global healthLinda Ko, associate professor, health servicesLiz Kirk, associate director, nutritional sciences program and senior lecturer, epidemiology (SPH alum)Jacqueline Valdez Gonzalez, student, public health-global health majorMike Yost, chair and professor, environmental & occupational health sciencesNancy Simcox, director, continuing education programs, environmental & occupational health sciencesNoah Simon, associate professor, biostatisticsPaj Nandi, community relations and health equity director, Washington State Department of HealthPatricia (Patty) Pavlinac, assistant professor, global health (SPH alum)Patty Hayes, director, Public Health – Seattle & King CountySarah Cave, director, MHA program and senior lecturer, health services (SPH alum)Sarah McCarthy, PeaceHealthTim Thornton, associate professor, biostatistics, James Pfeiffer (ex-officio), chair, faculty council and professor of global healthJeff Hodson (ex-officio) director of SPH communicationsJuanita Ricks (ex-officio), director of program operations, student and academic services Megan Ingram (ex-officio), assistant dean for advancementVictoria Gardner (ex-officio), assistant dean for equity, diversity and inclusionUli Haller (ex-officio), assistant dean for finance and administration, Kimberly Hay, manager of strategic initiatives, office of the dean. From 2010 to 2013 UW Health has been a beehive of activity, moving forward on dozens of strategic initiatives. UW School of Public Health tackles the greatest health challenges in our region and around the world. Their clients have included the UW College of the Environment, the Burke Museum, the Pacific Science Center and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Our Strategic Planning North Star? We are an academic institution that promotes good heath for all and breaks down structures of racism. At UW SPH, deep collaborations among faculty, staff, students, and key stakeholders result in successful models of academic practice. The new strategic plan was launched July 1, 2020 Strategic Planning North Star. Collaborative research leads to cutting edge discoveries that we apply in ways that ensure healthier communities. Why are we rolling out the plan this way? How does The American Center align with our overall UW Health strategic plan? Public audiences and alumni are meaningfully engaged in the UW SPH community and giving back financially. The Plus plan networks are smaller, as each consists of regional providers spread throughout western Washington. UW School of Public Health tackles the greatest health challenges in our region and around the world. Associates prefer to learn about the strategic plan from their leaders. View the complete strategic plan for UW Health partnerships (pdf) Wisconsin Partnership Program. To improve the health of the public . © 2020 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, University of Washington School of Public Health. Our students are leaders who emerge prepared to work in partnership with communities to improve the health of all people. By focusing beyond connects the UQ Strategy with a Health, Safety and Wellness Strategic Plan to create enduring change. Strategic plans provide a blueprint for where an organization wants to go. UW School of Public Health tackles the greatest health challenges in our region and around the world. As the name implies, the Sustainable Academic Business Plan addresses both academic excellence and grounding in financial realities. Our groundbreaking discoveries are fueled by rigorous science and equity-driven solutions. UW SPH will deliver high-quality evidenced-based education across all degree programs. Stay tuned for a final document to be posted soon. High-Level Forums for the Health-Related MDGs in Geneva, Abuja and Paris identified the challenges and endorsed a plan of action in November 2005 (called “Working together”) in a global alliance. These elements combined communic… New challenges in public health continue to emerge. 400. Our students are leaders who emerge prepared to work in partnership with communities to improve the health of all people. UW SPH will offer consistent academic, professional, and personal support across all degree programs. By collaborating with EDI and sustainability planning teams, we hope to provide a unified vision and focus for UW-Eau Claire’s future. The 2025 University Strategic Plan is informed by a year of campus conversations, indebted to EDI and sustainability planning, and inspired by new vision conversations. Department of Health Strategic Plan 2015/16 - 2019/20 4 It is a privilege and an honour for me to present the five year Strategic Plan of the National Department of Health. The 2018-2023 Libraries Strategic Plan establishes our goals, guides our decisions and shapes our budgeting and resource allocation. To browse each plan’s network or to find a … Throughout all decision-making and day-to-day activities, the school values t… By using providers within your network, your health care costs will be significantly lower than if you use providers outside your network. UW SPH will celebrate important work across the continuum from fundamental methodologies to the development and implementation of evidence-based strategies for understanding and changing complex health systems. Our dynamic and supportive learning environment attracts the next generation of diverse leaders who go on to drive transformational change in communities throughout the world. This Strategic Plan is presented at an interesting moment when the world is slowly but steadfastly recognising the looming danger of the antimicrobial drugs resistance. 400. 400. UW Health is the integrated health system of the University of Wisconsin-Madison serving more than 600,000 patients each year in the Upper Midwest and beyond with 1,400 physicians and 16,500 staff at six hospitals and 80 outpatient sites. In the past year we’ve recently completed a new strategic framework for 2020-2025, and I’d encourage you to take a look. Associates prefer to learn about the strategic plan from their leaders. In many areas, we need to take the same approach to resources across our entire health system. UW SPH has a culture that supports ongoing development and growth. University of Washington Health Sciences Library: Meeting the educational, research and clinical information needs of the University of Washington health sciences community. For over 150 years, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has served as an educational leader and economic hub for Southwest Wisconsin and the surrounding counties in Iowa and Illinois. The Sustainable Academic Business Plan is a strategic yet practical plan to maintain academic priorities while managing financial realities. Strategic Plan 2016-2019 Mission The Wisconsin Public Health Research Network (WPHRN) links and supports public health practitioners and researchers in order to answer questions and disseminate discoveries applicable to improving practice and population health. ENGAGE. The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan will guide our actions, decisions and priorities in the coming five years. HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELLNESS VISION FOR 2021 By 2021, UQ aims to help the members of its community to take control of their health, safety and wellness while at work. There are three sections: 1) revised Vision & Mission statements; 2) a description of our Core Values; and 3) the Pillars & Goals of our Strategic Plan. The strategic framework outlined here is designed to chart a course for 2015–2019 that will not only protect our legacy of research, teaching, and public service, but also will encourage new ideas from all corners of the campus and transform our state, nation, and world. Cause to Celebrate: Accomplishments 2010-2013. The Plan guides near-term goals and activities that will position the UW to thrive in the next two decades. With guidance from community members, principles of anti-racism are adapted in our public health work. Expanding wireless and fiber optic networks across the environment is an initiative. The School’s current strategic plan, launched in 2012, expires in 2020. Read the Superior Visions 2020 Strategic Plan. ... education, health, the sciences, and the social sciences. Read more about the plan. Our groundbreaking discoveries are fueled by rigorous science and equity-driven solutions. Separate from the plan to cut costs or increase revenue by $80 million by mid-2019, UW Health is shifting some services to Meriter as part of the joint operating agreement. Through the UW Health Strategic Plan, we also address the foundations of operational integration and best work and academic environment that support all these strategic commitments. This identifier elevates the research already being done and puts even greater emphases on it. The reputation and visibility of UW SPH increases through use of a unified narrative across School communications which promotes the School’s strengths, expertise, and unique programs. The UWL Strategic plan is comprised of 4 pillars which focus on students, community and employees. Our Strategic Planning North Star? In order to align with the vision and values of the University of Washington, the UW Libraries will pursue strategies and initiatives that support the evolving needs of our user communities. UW SPH will adopt best practices for student financial support; defined as students having the support they need to complete their degree program. TRANSFORM. We have created a new legacy of success for our students and communities during our sesquicentennial, and have begun to implement a bold, new strategic plan. Vision: UW Medicine is dedicated to excellence in health care, research and education. Respect across the Research-Practice Continuum, Listen to input, make adjustments along the way, Strategic Plan Overview - July 2020 (pdf), Strategic Plan 2020-2025 Soft Launch - June 2020 (pdf), - Strategic Plan Feedback Session 4.27.2020, © 2020 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, University of Washington School of Public Health, Education for Leadership and Transformation, Methods to Research to Practice Continuum, School-wide conversation about defining success and impact across the continuum, Research Council develops priority research plan, Expand practice collaborations across SPH, Better coordinate and operationalize services for students, Develop and implement best practices for student financial support, Development opportunities for teaching assistants, Implement, track, and be accountable for the SPH EDI Roadmap, Define for SPH what it means to be anti-racist, Create best practices for: Undoing Institutional Racism, Intergroup Dialogue, and Restorative Justice Training, Provide resources, opportunities, and funding for faculty and staff who are BIPOC, Develop a unified narrative of the School, Establish guidelines, standards, and best practices for all types of communications, Develop shared marketing and visibility resources, Maximize marketing and communication activities across the SPH, Engage key audiences for the 50th celebration year, Further enhance fundraising efforts that benefit students. We are a force for change. Many of the goals and objectives are ongoing on a semester or annual basis.

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