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Interviewed by Isaac Netero, he states he wants a Hunter License to attain impunity and that the applicants who caught his attention the most are Killua and Gon. Credits On BTVA: 318 Roles from 293 Titles. Illumi asks Hisoka if he could hunt the "misses" for him and Hisoka gladly accepts. [7] It is also likely that he is proficient at Zetsu[28][55][77][78] and Ko. While Gon complains to the judge, he attaches the strand of aura on Gon's cheek to a rock and tricks him into being hit, winning the match. The story is recognized by Yoshihiro Togashi, but may or may not be considered canon. They pretend not to know each other and Hisoka seemingly notices Killua realizes the "Chain Dude" is none other than Kurapika. He determines that both Leorio and Gon will make fine Hunters. Hisoka gets more and more excited as the fight progresses, but feels Chrollo is still holding back. After the performance, he confronts Moritonio outside where he accuses him of being John Doe. A teenage Hisoka is found beaten on the side of the road by circus ringmaster Moritonio in Glam Gas Land. Hisoka catches and throws it back with Bungee Gum, sticking it to Razor's hands so he cannot deflect it again, at the cost of 10 broken fingers. The latter also remarks that Hisoka is their equal and bears watching. According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix). He begins more complex training in Nen, discovering that his Nen type is Transmutation. After tussling for a while, he whispers something to Kurapika, then he forfeits the match. As such, his character is more simply amoral than flat out evil. When the hostage exchange terminates,[55] he reveals to Chrollo his fake membership status and challenges him to a duel, but to his great disappointment, Chrollo can no longer use Nen. [36] He can effortlessly lift five human puppets with one hand and swing them around with enough force to destroy them and all other bodies they come in contact with,[82] and instantly twist off a human head with a single hand. å¤§è¼”, 'Namikawa Daisuke'?, Tóquio, 02 de abril de 1976) é um seiyÅ« japonês.. Ele começou a atuar em 1984. [6] The latter talent also enabled him to catch Togari's spinning knives on the first try, whereas their owner required six months to do so. Hisoka often exhibits androgynous characteristics throughout the series, manifested in his wearing of "women's" shoes and using an alluring speech style typically reserved for females in Japanese. At one point he can do the young and goody-goody type, but he can also voice Hot-Blooded characters or ones so annoying that you want to rip their head off. [59] He approaches them to reveal his identity and offer to take the Exorcist to Chrollo once they find one. In the manga, during the Yorknew City arc, Hisoka dyes his hair light green. Daisuke Namikawa is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing. [28] Gon and Killua return after learning Ten from Wing. [35] Hisoka accepts to take his badge back. Shocked, Shalnark runs towards him before Hisoka throws Kortopi's severed head at him. After one week, they head to Soufrabi. I think it’s enough for the previous plot, now let’s talk about the Hunter x Hunter Season seven. [43] That night, he receives the order to create a commotion before stealing the auction loot. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [30] A fighter at Heavens Arena named Kastro fights Hisoka to avenge his past loss. Illumi suddenly releases a murderous aura and warns him. As the puppets prepare to attack him, Hisoka prepares for his death and is soon engulfed in an explosion. He then begins to fight for real, surpassing Gon in both speed and strength. [6][75] He has also emitted it to restrain individuals as powerful as Machi. [36][60], Offensively, Bungee Gum can be used to pull the opponent towards Hisoka[37] or to create flail-like weapons. At the same time, the hero himself (.

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