Review of Old Havana Casino

Last updated on October 23, 2023 by David Allen , Reviewed by Trevor Blacksmith

If you’re looking for a great online casino experience, look no further than Old Havana Casino.

Take it from John, a regular player at Old Havana, who says, ‘It’s the perfect combination of exciting games, great promotions, and excellent customer service that keeps me coming back again and again!’

With a wide array of gaming options, special promotions, a loyalty program, a mobile app, rewards center, and top-notch customer service, Old Havana Casino is sure to provide you with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Overview of Old Havana Casino

Get a taste of classic Vegas style gaming with Old Havana Casino – a place where the fun never stops! This online casino allows you to explore the historic charm of the Cuban city of Havana while you enjoy the excitement of playing top-notch casino games.

The casino has an easy to use layout that makes it easy to find the game you want to play. The games are categorised into slots, video poker, table games, and specialty games. You can also discover the live dealer games and tournaments available at Old Havana Casino.

When you open Old Havana Casino, you will be welcomed by a brightly coloured page with easy to use navigation. The home page displays the newest games and a selection of the casino’s most popular games. The games are divided into categories and there is a search function to help you quickly find your favourite game. The casino also offers an array of promotions and rewards to keep you coming back for more.

The gaming options at Old Havana Casino are varied and plentiful. You can choose from slots, video poker, table games, and specialty games such as scratch cards, keno, and more. There are also live dealer games and tournaments available. The games are powered by industry-leading software providers, ensuring that players get the best gaming experience possible.

Old Havana Casino has something for everyone. Whether you are a casual player or a high roller, you will find a casino game that suits your needs. And with the wide variety of bonuses and promotions on offer, you are sure to find something that will keep you coming back for more. If you’re interested in exploring similar gaming options with a diverse selection of bonuses and promotions, you might also want to explore the offerings at Grand Eagle Casino. Their array of exciting incentives could add an extra layer of enjoyment to your casino experience.

So, start discovering the historic charm of Old Havana Casino and explore the layout today. With so much to offer, you are sure to have an exciting and rewarding experience.

Gaming Options

Experience the pulse-pounding excitement of the gaming floor at Old Havana Casino, with its flashing lights and nonstop thrills. You’ll find a plethora of gaming options – from Slot Machines to Table Games – that provide hours of entertainment and potentially, big payouts.

Old Havana Casino offers a wide selection of Slot Machines, from classic 3-reel games to the latest video slots. No matter your preference, you’ll find a game that fits your style.

Table Games are also a popular option at Old Havana Casino, with a wide variety of games to choose from. From Blackjack and Roulette to Craps and Baccarat, you’ll find plenty of ways to challenge your luck and test your strategy.

For those looking for a unique experience, Old Havana Casino offers off-the-floor gaming options, such as Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Tiles, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Enjoy the excitement of these games without the hustle and bustle of the casino floor.

Old Havana Casino also offers special promotions and bonuses that make playing even more exciting. Up your gaming game with the chance to win big rewards. For those looking to delve into a world of enticing promotions and similar opportunities, consider exploring the offerings at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. Their range of special promotions could add an extra layer of excitement to your casino journey, enhancing your chances of winning and enjoying your gaming sessions.

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Special Promotions

Take your gaming to the next level with special promotions and bonuses at Old Havana Casino. Every month, you’ll have brand new opportunities for free spins, bonus codes, and other special offers. Best of all, Old Havana Casino has a loyalty program that rewards players with points for every wager made. When you collect enough points, you can redeem them for additional bonuses and rewards.

You can find the latest promotions listed in the ‘Promotions’ tab on the casino’s website. Here, you’ll see all the bonuses and free spins currently available, along with any codes you may need to redeem them. To make sure you don’t miss out on any promotions, be sure to check back regularly.

Old Havana Casino also offers exclusive promotions for players playing on certain days and times. To make sure you don’t miss out on these offers, it’s best to check the ‘Promotions’ tab before you start playing.

On top of all the promotions and bonuses, Old Havana Casino also offers weekly cashback rewards. These rewards can be used to get back some of the money you’ve lost while playing at the casino. The more you play, the more cashback you can earn, so be sure to take advantage of this generous offer.

Old Havana Casino is always looking for ways to reward their players. They offer a variety of special promotions and bonuses that make playing at the casino even more exciting. With so many offers available, there’s no reason not to take advantage of them. With that in mind, it’s time to explore the casino’s loyalty program and the rewards it has to offer.

Loyalty Program

Reap the rewards of your loyalty with Old Havana Casino’s generous loyalty program! From cashback incentives to loyalty bonuses, you’ll have plenty of ways to earn rewards and special offers. Here are four great benefits of the loyalty program:

  1. Special discounts and bonuses – You’ll have access to exclusive discounts and bonuses, all tailored to your gaming preferences.
  2. Cashback incentives – Earn cashback rewards on your losses, with unbeatable percentages and monthly payouts.
  3. Loyalty bonuses – Get rewarded for your loyalty with exclusive bonuses that increase the more you play.
  4. VIP treatment – Enjoy top-tier customer service and access to exclusive offers as a VIP member.

With Old Havana Casino’s loyalty program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn rewards and make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Enjoy unbeatable incentives and bonuses, plus VIP treatment and exclusive offers. It’s all part of the fun when you become a loyal member of Old Havana Casino.

So why wait? Sign up today and start enjoying all the benefits of the loyalty program!

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Old Havana Casino’s mobile app. Download it now and enjoy all the games and rewards from your phone or tablet.

Mobile App

Get the ultimate gaming experience on-the-go with Old Havana Casino’s mobile app. Unlock amazing games, rewards, and bonuses from the convenience of your phone or tablet!

The app allows players to access all the features of the online casino. From slots to progressive jackpots to free play, you can enjoy a wide variety of games. With an easy-to-use interface and a great selection of games, you can enjoy your favorite casino games at any time, no matter where you are.

Plus, you can keep track of your loyalty points, bonuses, and more with our integrated rewards center.

The app also allows you to deposit funds directly into your account, as well as withdraw your winnings. This makes it easy to manage your bankroll and cash out whenever you like. Furthermore, the mobile app is secure and encrypted, so you can rest assured that all your personal and financial information is safe and secure.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, the Old Havana Casino mobile app is the perfect way to experience the best in online gaming. With its great selection of games, bonus offers, and rewards, you’ll be able to enjoy an immersive casino experience on the go. And with our convenient rewards center, it’s easy to keep track of all your points and bonuses.

So, get ready for an exciting gaming experience with the Old Havana Casino mobile app!

Ready to start reaping the rewards? Old Havana Casino’s rewards center offers exclusive bonuses, discounts, and promotions. So, sign up today and start earning points for all your favorite games!

Rewards Center

Enjoy the fruits of your gaming labor with the rewarding bonuses and discounts offered through Old Havana Casino’s Rewards Center. Get the most out of your gaming experience by taking advantage of the following:

  1. Unlock game bonuses as you progress and play.
  2. Receive referral bonuses when you invite friends to join.
  3. Build up points that can be redeemed for gifts and exclusive offers.
  4. Enjoy discounts on promotions and special events.

The Rewards Center is the perfect way to break the bank with Old Havana Casino. Get more for your money with the exclusive offers and bonuses that will add to your gaming experience. With the Rewards Center, you’ll find exclusive offers and discounted promotions that you won’t find anywhere else. Take advantage of the referral bonuses and special game bonuses to make the most of your stay.

Old Havana Casino is dedicated to giving back to its loyal players. With the Rewards Center, you’ll be able to get the most out of your gaming experience and get rewarded for your loyalty. And with the frequent discounts and exclusive offers, you’ll never miss out on a good deal.

With the Rewards Center, Old Havana Casino offers something for everyone. From extra game bonuses to referral bonuses, you’ll find exclusive offers that will add to your gaming experience and help you break the bank. Enjoy the rewards of your gaming labor with the bonuses and discounts offered through the Rewards Center.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the rewards and offers available through Old Havana Casino’s Rewards Center and get the most out of your gaming experience. With the exclusive discounts and offers, you’re sure to break the bank every time.

To learn more about customer service, read on.

Customer Service

Take your gaming experience to the next level with Old Havana Casino’s unbeatable customer service! Our team of dedicated customer service professionals is available to assist you with all your needs. The best part? We offer a variety of convenient methods so you can get the help you need fast.

Live Chat Online Support
24/7 24/7
Fast Fast
Convenient Convenient
Free Free

Live Chat is available 24/7 and provides you with a direct connection to a customer service representative. Get your questions answered fast with this convenient and free service.

Our Online Support is also available 24/7 and provides you with self-service options. Browse our comprehensive FAQs, helpful articles, and how-tos to get the information you need.

At Old Havana Casino, we are committed to providing our customers with the best service. Our team is always available to help you with anything you need – simply reach out and we’ll be there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Old Havana Casino licensed and regulated?

Yes, online casinos are licensed and regulated. Old Havana Casino is no exception – they have a wide range of promotions and customer service to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Are the games at Old Havana Casino fair?

Yes! All the games at Old Havana Casino use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fairness. The house edge is kept low, making sure that players have a fair chance of winning.

What are the withdrawal limits at Old Havana Casino?

You can withdraw your winnings at any time, although the withdrawal times vary depending on the payment method. To find out how to withdraw, and the withdrawal times for your chosen method, please contact the customer service team.

Does Old Havana Casino accept cryptocurrency?

Yes! You can use cryptocurrency to make deposits and withdrawals at Old Havana Casino. Discover how to use crypto securely and easily to get gaming faster! Enjoy the security and convenience of using cryptocurrency at Old Havana Casino.

Is Old Havana Casino available in other languages?

Yes, Old Havana Casino offers reviews of other languages and customer support in those languages. You can find out more by visiting their website and reading customer reviews.


Ready for a great online casino experience? Old Havana Casino is the place for you!

With a huge variety of gaming options, special promotions, a loyalty program, mobile app, rewards center, and great customer service, you’ll feel like you’re in Havana itself.

It’s like taking a vacation in the comfort of your own home!

With Old Havana, you can be sure you’ll have an entertaining and rewarding experience every time.


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