How Casinos Make Money From Poker?

Poker is one of the most well-known casino games. In poker, the odds of winning are pretty decent and the minimum bet is very reachable. Though they wouldn’t want you to know this, casinos actually make a lot of money from different poker games and sites.

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The Rake in Poker

  • The rake in poker refers to the practice of getting a fixed percentage of the pot. It’s basically how a table pays for its poker game since the casino won’t be able to play against players.
  • The rake will be taken after the pre-flop betting has finished.
  • In a low-stake game, the rake can be $1 for every $20 worth of pot.

The Consequences of Rake

A lot of casinos earn enough money from poker through the rake. Here are some of the possible consequences when collecting a rake:

  • Even a good player who’s constantly winning or at least breaking even with his opponents can lose money because of the casino’s rake system.
  • Players who constantly win big will end up just breaking even the money they’ve spent on the game.
  • In raked games, only the top level players get to go home with a decent amount of winnings.
  • The rake affects high value games but small, raked games are usually safe from major losses.
  • It can be quite misleading for the players since they might think that they’re currently enjoying major wins but they’re actually not.

Some Alternatives for Rake

Casinos can also earn money from poker through the following:

  • Dead drop
  • Fixed fees
  • Pot rake
  • Subscription fees
  • Time collection
  • Tournament fees

Dead Drop

A fee that the player placed on the dealer button is called the dead drop. The dealer will take the fee before any card dealings start.

Fixed Fees

Fixed fees are the fees per hand with fixed rates. The amount of the fixed rate will not be determined by the size of the pot.

Pot Rake

The pot rake is one of the biggest income sources of casinos.

  • A percentage of the total amount of the pot will be handed over to the casino.
  • Chips will be manually removed from the pool of chips during a live casino. The chips will be placed in a security box for safekeeping.
  • The gaming software will automatically get the pot rake for online games.
  • In some online casinos, you’ll get to see the current amount of the pot as the game progresses.

Subscription Fees

Some casinos prefer to charge monthly subscription fees from its customers. Casinos that charge subscription fees usually no longer charge tournament fees.

Sometimes, casinos even stop getting pot rakes if the subscription fee is sufficient. This is actually a great option since the player will only have to pay once before he can truly enjoy the game.

Time Collection

  • Every half hour of the game, the set fee will be collected.
  • There are two ways to collect the time collection fee- through player time and time pot.
  • For player time, a set fee will be collected from each player.
  • For time pot, a set fee will be collected from the initial pot.
  • Time collection usually applies to higher limit games only.

Tournament Fees

Tournament fees usually apply to ring games or cash games. The personal rakes collected from poker games are considered entrance fees for that particular game.


Even though it seems like poker is not a very profitable game for casinos, there are actually a lot of ways for casinos to make money from it. Players might be constantly winning, but they might eventually lose their winnings if they don’t stop playing while the game just got good.