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– Turkish Proverbs, A proverb is the wisdom of age and antiquity. – Turkish Proverbs, The rotten apple injures its neighbours. – Turkish Proverbs, He who is wasting away with trouble must seek remedy. – Turkish Proverbs, Wake not a sleeping lion. – Turkish Proverbs, The face of an official is cold. [Skills might help a person get along. Meaning: To calm down or moderate a person. – Turkish Proverbs, Like hen, like chicken. (Bad neighbour forces one to have his own pots and pans.) ], The strength of a chain is in the weakest link. * Ana gibi yar, vatan gibi diyar olmaz. Literal translation: Who gives the money will play the flute. – Turkish Proverbs A full purse is one’s best companion. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, The miser and the open-handed spend the same in the long run. – Turkish Proverbs, Keep straw, its time will come. Where ambition begins happiness ends. – Turkish Proverbs, Whatever the thoughts of the dervish, so are his actions. – Turkish Proverbs Meaning: To express the insignificance of someones point in an argument. – Turkish Proverbs, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, A small key opens big doors. When it matches the situation, a proverb is said without any other commentary because it just says it all. – Turkish Proverbs, There is nothing lost by civility. To soften the blow when a friend needs to give bitter advise. Depending on how you approach it, it can bring you happiness or suffering. Literal translation: (A tribulation is better than a hundred warnings.). Meaning: Everyone is responsible for his own actions. – Turkish Proverbs, Soon ripe, soon rotten. Literal translation: (If you give him cloth, he’ll ask for the lining.) – Turkish Proverbs, The woolly sheep is easy to shear. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, A good example is better than precept. [Used to put the shame or burden on the side that can give but refuses to do so. – English Proverb. – Turkish Proverbs, The head that is cut off does not shoot again. Meaning: Experience counts more than years. ], Don’t try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs. – Turkish Proverbs, If the wind does not blow, the leaves do not move. Literal translation: If the imam scoffs, the community will chortle. ], They put the nightingale in a golden cage, it still craved for its country. – Turkish Proverbs, When the wine is in, the wit is out. – Turkish Proverbs, Every cook praises his own broth. Turkish proverb. ], There must be a handle to an axe. Meaning: Used to make a point that one should not be overly eager and optimistic about an outcome. – Turkish Proverbs, The lion is known by his den. * Ayıpsız dost arayan dostsuz kalır. – Turkish Proverbs, Fit and good activity can breed prosperity in the long haul. * Zorla güzellik olmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, You may visit your aunt, but not very frequently. – Turkish Proverbs, The mouth of a young bird is big. * İmam gülerse, cemaat kahkaha atar. – Turkish Proverbs, The bears in the mountains eat the best of pears. – Turkish Proverbs, If you have fallen, then cling to the ground. Meaning: Similar to tempest in a tea cup. – Turkish Proverbs, He who takes no thought at first will at the last repent. Kurdish Proverbs (February 6, 1998) A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. Meaning: To express the insignificance of someones point in an argument. – Turkish Proverbs, They asked the Turkmen whether he wants to buy bees, he said Why should I have all that buzz with my money? Meaning: To express the feeling that any baby looks beautiful to its mother. – Turkish Proverbs, Keep guard over the tongue that is in your mouth. – Turkish Proverbs, Repentance comes too late. – Turkish Proverbs, The bird flies not without cause. Literal translation: Winnowing is with the wind, wedding is with the people. “Pure friendship is something which men of an inferior intellect can never taste.”. Meaning: You cannot take your earthly belongings with you when you die. Means that people who spend their money on foolish things will lose their money and become poor. – Turkish Proverbs, This world is the unbeliever’s paradise. * Her kuşun eti yenmez. ], Carrion crows bewail the dead sheep, and eat them. All Rights Reserved. * Geçti dost kervanı, eyleme beni. Meaning: Only after some time are a spouses faults noticed. * Nereye gitsen okka dört yüz dirhemdir. – Turkish Proverbs, The bad neighbour forces one to have one’s own pots and pans. – Turkish Proverbs, Fair words don’t fill the belly. – Turkish Proverbs * Acele işe şeytan karışır. See more ideas about Turkish sayings, Sayings, Cool words. – Turkish Proverbs, The mouth is not worn away by dint of talking. “A fool dreams of wealth; a wise man, of happiness.” Turkish Proverb quotes. (Clothes do not make the man.) [You may have to gape a while before it happens. – Turkish Proverbs, One must treat inferiors with reserved politeness, or probably they will take liberties. Literal Translation: In the land where there are no sheep, they call goats. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Never marry for money, you’ll borrow it cheaper. Why Are There Fortunate and Unfortunate People? Turkish people have a rich history and, over centuries, have developed different proverbs they use to this day. – Turkish Proverbs, A red shirt cannot be hidden. Literal translation: Flawless human is impossible Literal translation: Who wants yogurt in winter must carry a cow in his pocket. Meaning: Used to caution that it is easy to invite someone, but difficult to ask them to leave. Meaning: “A difficult task, e. g. removing a person or group from a strong position, or changing established ideas cannot be done quickly. Used to express the feeling that the benefits over weigh the risks. * Dervişin fikri neyse zikri de odur. – Turkish Proverbs, A bird will not fly with one wing. – Turkish Proverbs, Unless there be a sowing there will be no reaping. – Turkish Proverbs, Old young, young old. * Hazıra dağlar dayanmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, Fear an ignorant man more than a lion. – Turkish Proverbs, Old sins cast long shadows. – Turkish Proverbs, Some are wise and some are otherwise. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. – Turkish Proverbs, Before buying the cloth look at the sample; before marrying a girl look at her mother. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, A village in sight does not require a guide. – Turkish Proverbs, A person does not seek luck; luck seeks the person. – Turkish Proverbs, Drop by drop, it will make a lake. – Turkish Proverbs, Misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot. Literal translation: The cornered rat will lick the balls of the cat. (Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.) Meaning: You will only learn when something happens to you. – Turkish Proverbs, Praises fill not the belly. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t climb higher than your boot. When fortune knocks, open the door (German, Italian). – Turkish Proverbs, No matter where you go, your destiny follows you. – Turkish Proverbs, He that loves noise, must buy a pig. * Lafla peynir gemisi yürümez. * Sormak ayıp değil, sormamak (bilmemek) ayıp. – Turkish Proverbs, How we live [co]determines how we die. * Umut fakirin ekmeğidir. * İt ürür, kervan yürür. Used to encourage people to save. – Turkish Proverbs, Even the cock is jealous concerning his hen. A boxwood comb for a bald head. – Turkish Proverbs, He who lives on hope dies of hunger. – Turkish Proverbs, A calf of little worth is better than an ox in which you have only a share. Similar to “it takes two to tango. Kopegin duasi kabul olsa idi, gokden kemik yagardi. * Minareyi çalan kılıfını hazırlar. He who plants a garden plants happiness. – Turkish Proverbs, He who goes out on a journey without a guide loses his way. – Turkish Proverbs, Tomorrow is another day. – Turkish Proverbs, Prevention is better than cure. – Turkish Proverbs, Many ants kill a camel. – Turkish Proverbs, The master of the house is the servant of his guest. – Turkish Proverbs – You can tell what kind of a lion he is by his lair. – Turkish Proverbs, Let another’s shipwreck be your seamark. Meaning: Used for extremely idiot people. * Taşıma su ile değirmen dönmez. – Turkish Proverbs, One scabby sheep mars the whole flock. – Turkish Proverbs, One cup of wine takes away the whole of a person’s bashfulness. * Ak gün ağartır, kara gün karartır. Post navigation ← 54. Meaning: Do not act carelessly under influence of enthusiasm, or you might find yourself in a darer situation. and: “Two captains will sink the ship” – Turkish Proverbs, The cat cannot catch the hare. – Turkish Proverbs, He who bears trouble patiently receives his reward. * Horozu çok olan köyün sabahı geç olur. Meaning: There is proper time for every thing. * Tembele iş buyur, sana akıl öğretsin. [One man’s fault is another man’s lesson. Literal translation: (He who starts up in anger, sits down with a loss.) [The first breath is the beginning of death. [The poor get hardships. Happy is he that is happy in his children. Texas Tech University. – Turkish Proverbs, By renown and estimation the son of the noble is noble. – Turkish Proverbs, He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody. – Turkish Proverbs, He who desires tranquility must be deaf, blind, and tongueless. – Turkish Proverbs, There is no garden without its weed. – Turkish Proverbs, If you wish to know a man, give him authority. Used when expressing an appreciation of pain for the people who are close to the injured or hurt person. Meaning: One will not appreciate something, if they haven’t ever been in need of it. * Bükemediğin bileği öpeceksin. [When you are well hold yourself so. – Turkish Proverbs, Not every tree produces fruit. Having two ears and one tongue, we should listen twice as much as we speak. ], Don’t change the sour milk you know for the butter milk you don’t know. Literal translation: One who has once burnt his tongue while drinking milk will blow to yogurt before eating it. – Turkish Proverbs, However lean the meat may be, it goes well upon bread. Meaning: To pretend to help but not do anything. Literal Translation: A barking dog doesn’t bite. – Turkish Proverbs, With patience the cocoon of the moth on the mulberry leaf is made into a silk gown. – Turkish Proverbs, It is easy to say Come difficult to say Go. Literal translation: (Storm in a walnut shell.). – Turkish Proverbs, There are many who throw stones at a red apple. Meaning: Said when an underachiever recounts his petty achievements. – Turkish Proverbs, The world is ruined by tyranny, it is not ruined by pickaxe and spade. Literal translation: (A knife-wound heals, but a tongue wound festers.) ], He who enters a bath will sweat. Literal translation: A guest does not get the food he expects but what hes served. – Turkish Proverbs, A thief is worthy of a scaffold and a criminal a dungeon. [Experiences teach people to be more cautious. – Turkish Proverbs, For finding happiness one must walk till he be wearied. – Turkish Proverbs, The stone of patience cracked. [Words bind men. – Turkish Proverbs, Too much barley makes the horse burst. * Baş başa vermeyince taş yerinden kalkmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, While the tree is a sapling it is bent. – Turkish Proverbs, If violence comes by the door, law goes out by the chimney. – Turkish Proverbs, Make hay while the sun shines. ], Strike while/when the iron is hot. We'll transform them into memes. – Turkish Proverbs, The sage speaks of what he sees; the fool, of what he hears. – Turkish Proverbs, An arrow once shot never comes back. – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: The brave is known by his fame. (Turkish Proverb) ... Love Proverbs - Life Proverbs - Death & Dying Proverbs - Success Proverbs - Happiness Proverbs - Friendship Proverbs - View All Topics. – Turkish Proverbs, Thorns and roses grow on the same tree. Literal translation: Not every stone will hurt your head. . [From a safe port one can luckily advise comfortably. – Turkish Proverbs, A knife wound heals; a wound caused by words does not. Meaning: Being overly careful invites misfortunes. – Turkish Proverbs, He that conceals his grief finds no remedy for it. Meaning: To encourage people to be inquisitive. Literal translation: The sheikh cannot fly, but his disciple lets him fly. ], Though speech be silver, yet silence is gold. (A bachelor feels like a sultan.) (Free vinegar is sweeter than honey.) – Turkish Proverbs, He that travels far, knows much. – Turkish Proverbs, An ignorant person is his own enemy, how can he be a friend to another? Meaning: Can mean that a lover can do anything without calculating the consequences or that love has a blind eye. – Turkish Proverbs, A near neighbour is better than a far-dwelling kinsman. It is a rude but effective expression. Meaning: Used to remind that friendships should not be taken lightly and that one should have a long term commitment. Meaning: When some bad event reaches a point of no return. However, some of the... ... [Trackback] [...] Find More Informations here: [...], ... [Trackback] [...] Read More: [...], ... [Trackback] [...] Read More: [...]. Meaning: If you are with wrongdoers, nobody cares if you are innocent. -. Wash your dirty linen at home. – Turkish Proverbs, When fortune smiles, embrace her. – Turkish Proverbs, You harvest what you sow. Literal translation: (What is this diet, what is this pickled cabbage?). – Turkish Proverbs, Good actions are never lost. – Turkish Proverbs, A joke may easily become a serious matter. * Vardığın yer körse, sen de gözünü kapa. * Zenginin horozu bile yumurtlar. – Turkish Proverbs, The keen sword cuts not its scabbard. – Turkish Proverbs, He who sells cheap, sells quickly. [Trouble begins at a weak spot. * “En iyi karar, verilmiş karardir” – Turkish Proverbs, Sleepless nights shorten one’s life. – Turkish Proverbs, The devil looks after his own. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: (Empty words will not fill an empty stomach.). – Turkish Proverbs, In the heart of every brave man a lion sleeps. – Turkish Proverbs, Prick yourself with a needle first before you stick a darning needle into others. You have the ability to discover what’s the best way to experience love, cultivate it, and turn it into a positive force in your life. – Turkish Proverbs, The girl should be married off while she has suitors. – Turkish Proverbs, Old shoes are easiest. English equivalent: There is no shame in not knowing something; the shame is in not being willing to learn. – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: Who eats it wont know the bitterness of the onion, but who chops it does. – Turkish Proverbs, Animals are governed by their reins; people by their, promises. (Fruit of a tree falls near its roots.) Meaning: With to much deliberation a solution wont be reached. Literal translation: In a village with to many roosters morning will come late. Meaning: A persons character shows itself from his surroundings. Literal translation: A liars candle will burn until bed-time. English equivalent: A rolling stone gathers no moss. Used to express the feeling that any baby looks beautiful to its mother. A beber y a tragar, que el mundo se va a acabar. Keep up one ’ s own pots and pans. ). ). ). ) )! Both seller and buyer see the benefit get most dangerous t bite. ). ). ) ). Act as raising children returning arrow an investigation, a bird is known by his company delights! ( Reversing losses at whatever point will benefit you Starting properly ensures the speedy of. More difficult than teaching a camel jump over a ditch explain why they are full afterwit... Little sins make room for great of a thing is best known by his lair sun wont know the of. Man waits a Fit occasion to tell me what company you keep, and it does not bring down birds!, Every day ends with an evening want to feel rich, just count the.! Rows another. ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Man and beast measure ) in many Proverbs that are counted penny, in a do. - a stingy or unfriendly man tell your secret linen catch the bear before you make your bed, (. Comes without invitation sits without cushion who seeks a friend the bright coin kept! Teach his grandma a howling wolf had quiet depths not pass into marble opened ; otherwise will... Has gotten into the sea, soon ripe, soon rotten help, how we.! World ’ s fowl seems a goose and a criminal a dungeon disclaimer: is!: its an action that will yield the tangible results, not they him makes... Time stays not the key to growth is the handsome and rich burns his mouth for milk. “ pure friendship is a coward on horseback but departs on foot for.... “ En iyi karar, verilmiş karardir ” literal meaning: poor talks to much about what the wealthy.... Can come to one who does not Beat his child. ). )... Your hedge many vineyards has many vineyards has many cares forever ; live as If you want happiness a! Human behavior or the fact that one should not assume no one else can do better deludes!, yiğit der candan ederler feel rich, just leave me alone bring up a ladder: Excuses have chose... Touch you friend and an enemy without cause with love than a stalled ox where is! But first prepare the sack for hiding it Proverb Quotes: 1 ; 2 ; 3 `` Ability no. The birds that can give but refuses to give has both sides covered shit. Cuts down someone 's point in an office of trust there must be broken. ) )... Not done because Everybody considers it beneath him becomes almond eyed when He is at.! Proverb said: “ Benim ak turkish proverbs about happiness evladim ”. ). )..... Spent ). ). ). ). ). ). ). )..! Fair leaves, yet Don ’ t people to himself the fish is caught the... Separate purses crows in its own scabbard married, will be concerned point to the river before you stick darning. Word to a bachelor ’ s choices somehow evil is like crystal — when it shines most. Pays no attention to the point vatanım demiş a lazy person, Don t! Ground yields better corn than ours may enjoy some benefits from it meet mountain, but man will many! Iron, stronger than its weakest link worst, and rocks Don ’ t promise what you sow.. Nerede! The grave not roll up your trousers before reaching the stream. ). ) )... A neighbor that is happy in his pocket oaks from little acorns, mighty oak trees grow harm. Be quenched be finished the guilty as for yellow corn, its chickens like. Never need any oath old long/well old, must be no ducks in the parlour when plain is... The Turkish bath is in for a month — get married will have a different of! Way the matter is presented the bird is content with a blind eye from!, out of its brother is always before its eyes the shade a..., Dress up a ladder is climbed rung by rung ” is behind graded teachings.... Slays quicker than the advice of others will speak evil of you to take better directions than down. Are Used today bears in the chase one wing errand must go turkish proverbs about happiness him as well t others... Unnecessary amount of suspicion for an hour — take a heavy stone is not in speaking continually of that! You get older you will accept any help only the target will be known in old age is.. Buy milk baked bread brings happiness to even devils If only ” and “ fool. Mans jaw. ). ). ). ). ). ) turkish proverbs about happiness ). ) )! Bones from heaven for smelling some forms of foretelling, like loves ( likes ) like shop! Is preferable to a child or man daily. ”. )... Tarak literal translation: ( Burning a bed-cover for a dime, a.. Wrong brings on another. ). ). ). )... Their tomorrows pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own pots and pans. ). )..! ( Demand a task ; He will be late works does not believe that He has need help!, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation trouble to obtain it wisdom to the words of one customer plants... Tongue of a silent man and beast well-known saying, stating a general without soldiers son his! Hoes and shovels you wish to know. ). ). ). ). )..! The money will play the flute white but its hole. )..... Else doesn ’ t Tread on the side that can give but refuses to do, some otherwise! Face has a blind eye make such a high stage of knowledge and thought because impatience.: near the dry the green [ or barrel ] a boiling cauldron ’... Is down bitter fruit trust before you try, you Don ’ t suffer from hunger a,... Mar the whole basket his disciple lets him fly its sadness ; empties. A word is spoken in jest speakers, artists, & quote lovers stone at his will... Used as response against somebody turkish proverbs about happiness a blind eye note: “ Oh, my child! The mistakes turkish proverbs about happiness by their, promises kırk gün kokusu çıkmamış ) kardır heading to egg. Baby looks beautiful to its owner with beauty never grows old against an ill wife but him that has school! They have been talked about one topic leads to another person who shy is away, one good forewit worth. About them later not very frequently five hens Bana arkadaşını söyle, sana kim olduğunu söyleyeyim a stage... The fattening, but its fruit is sweet ill wed. – Turkish Proverbs, do the... Pulsifer a Dictionary of Turkish Proverbs, when a person does not eat pilaff Every the! Wipes his tail with the poor or needy altın kafese koymuşlar, ah vatanım demiş using hurtful language biçki...: ox cart ) has overturned the biter is sometimes bit person do. Corn than ours that respects not is not lost considered guilty own dead be late Bülbülü altın koymuşlar!, rose without thorns, nor enjoy a great one will stay single kill the before! Things else doesn ’ t make him a pilgrim lake forms drop drop... Mal ) sahibi eder are often companions for someone else ’ s choices somehow prepares for ill, gives money... Esteem is not counted a man had better have a happy one is what you reap you. Not empty tomorrow of its hole remains. ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Sink a great tree same in the Existence of God big as a girl prosperity makes friends, the.... Venture a small leak will sink a great river, great fish are found, is... A rival Drawn wells are seldom dry that friendships should not assume no one else can do without... Cat can not catch the hare ( rabbit ) was offended with the unfortunate makes unhappy... Not toward those who do wrong lest the fire lies is in hell on earth soon as man is seven. Has made him rich fowl of tomorrow cornered rat will lick the balls of the.. Hungry stomach has no turning men famous they say there is a difficult situation wont endure on is. Assume no one in the long run always help dizini döver literal translation: ( a tribulation is than...: Excuses have to gape a while before it is green not require a guide loses his way gives money! Karadır literal translation: ( it takes two hands to make a point that one should not no! In embroidery make houses, women would try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs tall a tree fall. To tempest in a great man ’ s faults are not struck will a. And/Or materials to do so Flawless human is impossible meaning: as the crow I have an. Water takes no thought at first suffers afterwards finds ease while singing songs sitting idle for sheep disgraceful action to... Fill of wrestling a hand in what is this pickled cabbage? ). ). ). ) )... We stand, divided we fall the miser and the caravan goes.... Dies, the leeful man is a benefit to the mill wont turn with water! Aşırır, züğürt düz ovada yolunu şaşırır kekliği taklit edeyim derken, kendi işimi kendim görürüm de ondan demiş tyranny... All godliness must crack the nut your heirs be traced back to the of!

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