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2014) 6枚の写真 Cake for the first paper (May 2014) 3枚の … $("#VoteTopic").tooltip({ 703 likes. This study addresses the long-standing mystery of cubic scat formation and provides insight into new manufacturing techniques for non-axisymmetric structures using soft tissues. We demonstrate the effect of thixotropic aging and rejuvenation on the flow properties of yield-stress fluids. (liked by ' + votes + ' people)">Liked'; 71th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Atlanta, GA - November 18, 2018 — November 20, 2018 Staying at one of these hotels helps meet DFD’s financial obligation, and in … }); V0036: Stick or Splash? } case 1: tooltipClass:"custom-tooltip-styling" Thus, the intestine stretches preferentially at the walls to facilitate cube formation. The 71st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD) will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia on November 18-20, 2018. Referees var votes = 0, indx1 = -1, indx2 = -1; APS DFD (Nov. 2014) 6枚の写真 Group outing (Oct. 2014) 6枚の写真 EFMC10 (Sep. 2014) 3枚の写真 Lisbon10 (Jul. if(indx1 >=0 && (indx2-1) >= (indx1+8)) { 5:10 PM–6:28 PM, else if(data.indexOf("Error") >= 0) { We offer several great hotel options for your stay in Atlanta during the annual meeting. Toll Free: 1-877-226-1859 The APS DFD Housing Bureau will accept reservations for the Annual APS DFD Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Find a Journal Article .done(function(data){ $("#voteResponse").html(data).dialog(); Media Conf. (631) 591-4000 Contact or (301) 209-3290. The original video is available online at the Gallery of Fluid Motion, https://doi. DOI: Cavitation research is essential to a variety of applications ranging from naval hydrodynamics to medicine and energy sciences. Join an APS Unit } APS DFD 2019 Seattle Program Program Abstract Sorting Category Preview Abstract Submission Invited Speakers Gallery of Fluid Motion Poster Sessions & Student Poster Competition Instructions for Oral Flash Presentations loc = '/Meeting/DFD18/Event/333058?mathjax=n'; if(loc.length > 0) window.location.href = loc; The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to function voting(v){ else htmlRm = htmlRm + '">Liked'; else htmlLike = htmlLike + '">Like'; APS/DFD HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS Please make your reservation at one of the hotels below using the instructions provided. $("#voteSpan").html(htmlLike); if(data.length > 0) { if(indx1 >=0 && (indx2-1) >= (indx1+8)) { Authors 1 Research Road, Ridge, NY 11961-2701 V0037: Computation of Complex Flow Internal to a Liquid CO2 Drop Rising in the Deep Ocean, V0038: Water Meets Wax: The Consequences of Explosive Vaporization, V0039: Jumping to Sticking Transition for Condensing Droplets, V0040: Impact of Large-Scale Structures on the Flow Around a Transonic High-Pressure Turbine Vane, V0041: Numerical and Experimental Buoyant Mixing, V0042: Simulations of the acoustically-driven growth and collapse of a cavitation bubble near a wall, V0044: Raindrop impact on water surface in the presence of wind, V0046: "I feel the rain of another planet" - an art & science research project at the Fluid Dynamics for Sustainability and Environment summer school, V0049: Finding Nessie: The structure and origin of confined Holmboe waves, V0050: Adjoint optimization of fluid mixing, V0051: Oil drop impacts into a deep pool of water, V0052: From Rings to Smoke: the Violent Breakdown of Colliding Vortex Rings, V0056: Rising bubbles beneath an inclined wall: From streams to plumes, V0060: Oscillations of Levitated Liquid Drops in Resonance, V0061: Insect pee: Ultrafast fluidic ejection from sharpshooters, V0062: Sea Angels and Sea Butterflies: Fluid Dynamics of Marine Snail Swimming, V0063: Vortical structures over the DrivAer fastback vehicle model, V0064: Droplet Transformations During Microexplosion, V0065: Splashing of a water drop containing particles, V0066: The Flight of the Humble Flea: Levitation and Inefficient Mixing in Magnetic Stirrers, V0072: Impact of a linear array of hydrophilic and superhydrophobic spheres on water pool, V0073: Lagrangian Tracking of Bubbles Entrained by a Plunging Jet, V0074: Micro droplet trains - mind the step, V0075: Flow patterns in urban neighborhoods under hurricane force winds, V0077: Decoding the life cycle of a single bubble in a pool of liquid: Schlieren-based perspective, V0079: Stability of Turbulent Bio-polymer Jets, V0080: Mechanics of Active Foam: Local Energy Injection in an Addressable 2D Foam, V0081: Substrate contamination during withdrawal from a suspension, V0082: Water droplet on pillared surface: Equilibrium and dynamics, V0083: Numerical Simulations of Plume and Pool Fire Instabilities using Adaptive Mesh Refinement, V0084: Art-inspired visualization and sonification of brain aneurysm blood flow dynamics, V0085: Biomimetic Robotic Fish: Post Buckling Dynamics in Underactuated System used to Generate Underwater Locomotion, V0088: Reducing the forces of water entry, V0090: Inertial collapse of a single bubble near a solid surface, V0092: Shock-Flame interaction with Bubble Explosion, V0095: Gliding with body undulations: 3D flow simulations of a flying snake, V0098: Momentum and strain energy transfer in structurally flexible pitching hydrofoil, V0100: Cloud cavitation in burst wave lithotripsy, V0102: Dynamics of single bubble under sub-cooled flow boiling, V0103: Debunking the two-dimensional assumption on infinitely long wings, P0007: Direct numerical simulations of turbulent sheared thermal convection, P0009: Vortex Ejections in Converging Jets, P0011: Chaotic Manifolds behind a Flapping Foil, P0014: Viscous wave breaking in microchannels, P0015: Coherent structure assessment in crossflow jets subject to strong favorable pressure gradient (FPG), P0022: Liquid Sheet and Periodic Atomizatiom, P0030: Internal waves generated by turbulent convection, P0037: Wettability of a Vibrating Surface, P0039: Turbulence-modified bubble pinch-off, P0048: Falling jet of dry granular material in water, P0051: Composition with Fiber and Droplets. ">Like'; (301) 209-3285 Registration Luisanna Gomez EventRay (800) 217-0002 Hotel Reservations APSDFD Housing Bureau Toll Free: 1-877-226-1859 University of $("#loadingif").hide(); The original poster is available online at the Gallery of Fluid Motion Get My Member Number var loc = ''; $("#loadingif").show(); (301) 209-3200 APS is in the process of phasing out the abstract } Yoshiyasu Ichikawa, Ken Yamamoto, Masahiro Motosuke, Microchannel slip flow structure near superhydrophobic surface, 70th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS-DFD), (2017/11/19-21, Denver, CO $("#voteSpan").html(htmlRm); alert(t + ': ' + o.status); Use of the American Physical Society websites and journals implies that 71th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (November 18, 2018 — November 20, 2018) P0002: Whiskey Webs: Microscale "fingerprints" of bourbon whiskey View Larger Download Original Authors Stuart Williams, $("#VoteTopic").tooltip({ If you wish to come to the Meeting, you must also register. Submit a Meeting Abstract 71th Ann. Georgia World Congress Center Abstract, Scott Carver Lots of info about the meeting just came out. This paper is associated with a video winner of a 2018 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award for work presented at the DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion. Chair: David Saintillan, University of California, San Diego This paper is associated with a video winner of a 2018 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award for work presented at the DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion. 71st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Volume 63, Number 13 Sunday–Tuesday, November 18–20, 2018; Atlanta, Georgia cached: false, break; loc = '/Meeting/DFD18/Event/333058?mathjax=y'; else { indx2 = data.indexOf('::votes)'); Abstract ID: BAPS.2018.DFD.L17.7 Abstract: L17.00007: An analysis of significant flow scale of key flow for vortex generation in terms of local flow geometry in … Students. advance the knowledge of physics. } 71th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, V0054: The shaky life of a water drop in an anise oil-rich environment, V0018: Premixed-flame oscillations in narrow channels, V0057: The Surfactant-free Persistance of Surface Bubbles in a Volatile Liquid, V0032: Nitrogen swirl: creating rotating polygons in a boiling liquid, V0027: Birth of microbubbles in turbulent breaking waves, P0020: Effect of a wall on three-dimensionally unstable trailing vortices from a delta wing, P0002: Whiskey Webs: Microscale "fingerprints" of bourbon whiskey, P0056: Liquid deposition through evaporation, P0004: Painting Fluid Motion using Convolutional Neural Networks, V0001: The dancing jet: Axial instability mode of an impinging supersonic microjet, V0003: Study of Water Flow and Sediment Dynamics in Natural Rivers Using High-Performance Computing, V0004: Vortex reconnection cascade via direct numerical simulation up to Re=40,000, V0005: Dynamics of thin films down vertical fibers, V0010: Effects of Orientation, Lateral Dimension, and Release Height on Air-Entraining Cavity Dynamics: Water Entry of a Solid Cylinder, V0012: Rivulet Instability as Thin Liquid Film Spreads on Rotating Surface, V0013: Sphere entry through an oil lens floating on water, V0014: Droplets, emulsions and bubbles in homogeneous shear flow, V0015: Turbulent Convection in Liquid Sodium, V0016: Stent deployment effects on blood flow in cerebral aneurysms, V0019: Collective hydrodynamic communication through ultra-fast cellular contractions, V0020: The Shape of Splashes; How Diver Geometry Affects Splash Evolution, V0021: Symbiosis of quasi-streamwise vortices and low-speed streaks in laminarescent boundary layers, V0022: Visualization of Vortices formed by different Nozzle Geometries, V0028: High-Speed Schlieren Photography on Falling Objects, V0029: A biphasic computational model for simulations of blood-perfused tissue, V0031: Transition from Order to Chaos in the Wake of a Flapping Airfoil, V0033: A fish out of water: the archer fish's rocket-like launch, V0035: Rayleigh Taylor instability in a foam film. This shape change was due to the azimuthally varying elastic properties of the intestinal wall. beforeSend: function(xhr){ As binary liquid mixtures evaporate, they generate spreading patterns and leave behind structures that can be tuned by surface treatment. if(votes > 0) htmlRm = htmlRm + '. By emptying the intestine and inflating it with a long balloon, we found that the local strain varies from 20 percent at the cube's corners to 75 percent at its edges. switch(swh){ } Atlanta, GA - November 18, 2018 — November 20, 2018. var htmlRm = '

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