+1.5 Means Big Money in Sports Betting for US Players!

+1.5 Means Big Money for US Sports Bettors

US sports bettors have long been looking for a way to make bigger winnings on their bets. Now, thanks to the availability of +1.5 (plus one and a half) point lines, they have a new option that can help increase their bankrolls.

What Is +1.5 and How Does It Work?

In sports betting terms, “+1.5” refers to a point spread, or a point difference between the two teams playing. When betting on this type of line, you are betting that one team will win the game by at least two points.

For instance, let’s say you bet on the Baltimore Ravens to beat the New York Jets. If the Ravens win by three or more points, you win the bet. If the Ravens win by one or two points, you still win the bet, but you don’t make as much money.

The Benefits of +1.5 for Sports Bettors

+1.5 lines offer US sports bettors several advantages when compared to traditional point spreads.

  • Better Odds: With +1.5 lines, there are more ways to win a bet, so the odds of winning are higher.
  • Bigger Payouts: When you win a +1.5 bet, you typically can get bigger payouts than you would with other point spreads.
  • More Gambling Opportunities: With these lines, there are more opportunities to bet, so you can increase your chances of making a profit.

Where Can US Bettors Find +1.5 Lines?

+1.5 lines are becoming increasingly popular with US bettors, and there are a number of reputable sportsbooks that offer them. Among the most popular are Bovada and MyBookie.

These sportsbooks offer competitive odds, often including unbeatable deals on +1.5 lines, as well as a wide variety of sports and betting markets. They also provide fast payouts and reliable customer service.


+1.5 lines offer US sports bettors the chance to make bigger winnings on their bets. With competitive odds and wide variety of sports and betting markets, +1.5 can be a great way to increase profits and make the most of your gambling endeavors.

What Is +1.5 in Sports Betting?

Sports betting is a popular activity for many US players. People in the US can bet on a variety of domestic, international and collegiate sports, and often use the odds to increase their winnings.

One of the more attractive markets for US players is the popular “+1.5” market. This betting market enables people to win money on a bet even if their pick loses the game.

Essentially, the +1.5 market sets a point spread or handicap on a game. Sportsbooks set the point spread to even out the two competing teams and make the game more even. For example, if the Chicago Bulls are playing the Miami Heat, the Bulls may be given a +1.5 point spread; this means that any bets on the Bulls will win if the Bulls either win the game or lose by one point.

So how can this be used toUS players’ advantage?

+1.5 is a very attractive market for US players. The point spread offered in this market gives the underdog a chance of winning the bet, even if they ultimately don’t win the game. This means that US players have a better chance of success when betting on the +1.5 market, as opposed to other betting markets that do not offer any point spread.

Another advantage of the +1.5 market is that it can give players better odds on a bet. This means that if the odds of a team winning a game are low, but the team is given a +1.5 point spread, the odds can be increased to make the bet more attractive.

Finally, the +1.5 market can also be used to increase winnings. If the underdog team is given a +1.5 point spread, US players can bet on them and win money even if the team ultimately loses the game. In this way, the point spread can be used to the US player’s advantage and increase their winnings.

Tips for Betting on +1.5

When betting on the +1.5 market, it’s important to keep in mind a few tips.

  • Research the teams. Be sure to research both teams competing in the game, as well as their history with the point spread. This can help you make an informed decision when placing your bet.
  • Check the odds. Before placing the bet, be sure to check the odds offered and compare them to other betting markets. This can help you maximize your winnings.
  • Know the limits. Make sure that you are aware of the betting limits and stay within them. This will help ensure that you do not lose too much money on any one bet.


The +1.5 market is a great opportunity for US players to maximize their winnings and increase their chances of success when betting on sports. +1.5 means big money in sports betting for US players, and by following the tips outlined above, US players can take advantage of this market and increase their bankroll.

What US sports offer 1.5 moneyline bets?

1.5 moneyline bets are available in baseball, basketball, and football. Baseball features the run line, which is a 1.5 spread in the game, while basketball and football offer pointspreads with the traditional 1.5 spread.

What is the maximum bet allowed for 1.5 moneyline bets in US sports?

The maximum bet allowed for a 1.5 moneyline bet in US sports varies depending on the sportsbook. Generally, the maximum bet allowed is $500.

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